Amazon Web Services is already the biggest cloud computing platform, powering millions of websites globally. Now the company wants it to do the same for applications. The newly-launched AppStream allows users to stream resource hungry applications from the cloud.

The software or applications that individuals can use have traditionally been limited by the hardware in their computer, smartphone or tablet. AppStream means that individuals can use apps on devices that may otherwise have been too resource intensive. Applications are deployed to the Amazon cloud where computations are carried out and the final output is streamed to a user's device.

As well as removing the limitations of devices, Amazon says AppStream allows apps to be highly scalable, easily updated and instantly accessible without the need for downloads or installations. It is also available across multiple platforms, including FireOS, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. A software developer kit is provided for developers.

AppStream was initially launched as a limited preview in November last year and this announcement marks the start of its full roll-out. It will initially be available in the North Virginia region of the US, with other areas to be added soon.

The video below provides an introduction to Amazon AppStream.

Source: Amazon

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