AME-LOT is a recent material reuse building plan from French architectural firm Malka, in which student housing is primarily made up of a variety of reused pallets which are added to an existing structure. The technique not only creates a striking architectural display, but also ensures that no existing building is destroyed, thus minimizing its carbon footprint.

Particularly interesting to note is the light shielding system, featuring wooden pallets that can geometrically change shape. Connected together using horizontal hinges, the pallets slide inwards and upwards to allow natural light to filter through when open, or to provide added privacy when closed.

The project has been designed for Rue Amelot in Paris, and boasts an area of 450 square meters (538 square yards). With a budget of EUR 290,000 (US$416,425), the student housing project appears to be a financially feasible option that may grab the attention of other urban planners.

Stating that "architecture can no longer exist in a unilateral system," Malka claims that AME-LOT is a solution for what can be considered "sustainable/environmentally friendly" architecture.

Source: Archdaily

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