Android Market is the online software store for Android devices – it's Google's answer to Apple's Appstore on iTunes and for much of its short life (born 22 October 2008), it has been but a pale imitation of the all-conquering iPhone's biggest strength. Just 12 months ago Android Market held less than 3000 apps compared to the AppStore's 35,000 but the marketplace is now beginning to roll, and developers are responding, and with 8,000 + apps added in each of the last two months, the Android Market now holds 50,000 apps and should pass 100,000 by the end of the year.

Now of course the number of applications is no indication of quality or usefuleness, but it's fair to assume that most applications in the AppStore now have an equivalent in Android Market and, given that at the current rate the Market will double in size before the end of the year, if there isn't one now, there soon will be.

The battle from this point forth looks set to be more evenly matched.