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Another Nexus One news roundup

Another Nexus One news roundup
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Our latest roundup of all things Nexus One includes an executive version of the device in the pipeline, a way the rest of the world can get a Nexus One without using eBay, iSuppli's teardown of the device, missing 802.11n capabilities and another trick up Google's advertising sleeve.

Google executive Andy Rubin has revealed that the next version of the Nexus One is targeted towards the executive market, and may feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, putting it in direct competition with the BlackBerry. [Reuters]

Google not shipping the Nexus One to your country yet, but you don't want to pay a 30-40% premium on eBay? This guide tells you how to get one. [Gamaze]

iSuppli is up to their usual tricks, with a teardown of the Nexus One revealing a Bill Of Materials of US$174.15, compared to the unsubsidized price of US$529. [iSuppli]

Despite Google's original specifications and iFixit's teardown revealing 802.11n capable hardware, it appears that the Nexus One does not currently support 802.11n. [Engadget]

Google hasn't stopped at advertising the Nexus One underneath the search bar on Now people using Google's free WiFi service at airports are reporting that their browser is being redirected to [TechCrunch]

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