So, you don't like the way your head is almost touching the top of the frame in that one photo? Or, perhaps you think that shot of the horse in the field would look more majestic if it were wider. Well, now you can insert a slot of sky above you, or a couple of side columns of extra grassy field, using Adva-Soft's AntiCrop app. As long as the background is fairly homogenous (sky, grass, sand, water, etc.) the software will automatically add more of it, in whichever direction you wish.

To use AntiCrop, you just import a photograph into the app, then drag the frame that's around the shot to either side, or up or down. An algorithm will then automatically clone the adjacent background, and create more of it in that area. Needless to say, your photo might look kind of funny if you tried to expand it right where someone's face met the border.

What's probably an even more useful aspect of the app, however, is its ability to straighten crooked shots. Normally, if you have a photo with a distracting sloping horizon, you start by rotating it until the horizon is straight, and then zoom in on it to get it to fill the frame once again. Depending on the amount of zooming and the resolution of the original photo, the straightened result can end up being quite grainy.

Using the app, however, once the shot has been rotated, the bare patches in the corners of the frame can simply be filled in with more background - no zooming required. That won't work with all photos, of course, but it would be a handy way of salvaging some.

AntiCrop is compatible with the latest Apple mobile devices, and is available now on iTunes. The video below illustrates how it works.

Source: Wired

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