Secure Tips offer a simple solution to a common problem - earphones that won't stay in your ears. Built specifically for stock Apple headphones, this silicon rubber hook-like attachment sits over the earphone in order to fix them securely and comfortably inside your ears.

The overwhelming success of the iPod and iPhone has made Apple earphones an extremely common accessory, and like the majority of stock earphones, the design isn't perfect. You don't have to be an athlete to have experienced the annoyance of badly seated earphones - the slightest tug or bounce is usually enough to remove them from your ears. Although Secure Tips may not solve the problem of the sub-standard audio quality of stock earphones as a whole, they do offer a relatively cheap and ingenuously simple solution to the problem. The hook attachment is so simple that it's almost difficult to believe that it isn't the industry standard.

The project is launching on Kickstarter and a US$20 contribution will earn you a single kit of the U.S. manufactured Secure Tips in a color of your choice. Each kit includes three different sizes.

The Secure Tips video pitch can be seen below.

Source: Kickstarter

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