Apple's iWatch has been the longest-rumored product since ... well, probably since that fabled iTV that never materialized. But it looks like the Apple wearable is going to become official – very soon.

According to a report from Re/Code, Apple is set to announce its wearable device at its upcoming iPhone event in September. Though invites haven't gone out yet, the same publication previously reported that the event would happen on September 9.

Even if the device debuts in September, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will ship soon after. Apple has historically given its new products time to percolate in the public consciousness before hitting store shelves. For example, Steve Jobs previewed the original iPhone in January of 2007, but it didn't ship until late June. The first iPad debuted in late January of 2010 and shipped in early April.

Though long ago christened by the press as the "iWatch," there hasn't been any official confirmation on what the wrist-worn device will be called. The scuttlebutt has been consistent, though, on the fact that the wearable will have a heavy focus on health and fitness. Re/Code reiterated this by mentioning that the device will integrate with both HealthKit, Apple's fitness platform set to debut in iOS 8, and HomeKit. The latter is devoted more to home-connected devices, also known as the internet of things.

Smartwatches, including Android Wear, have yet to make the mainstream splash that OEMs have been hoping for. But, if past is prologue, an Apple wearable could be just the catalyst that the product category needs to take off.

Source: Re/Code