Compared to Google's open and accessible Mountain View headquarters design, Apple's planned Campus 2 seems a relatively private affair. However, new architectural plans reveal that the tech giant's new HQ will feature a visitor's center with viewing platform open to the general public.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal was the first to notice that updated architectural plans for Apple's Campus 2 filed a few months ago include a separate two-story glass-walled visitor's center building topped by a carbon-fiber roof. The ground floor plan calls for a 2,386 sq ft (221 sq m) cafe and a 10,114 sq ft (939 sq m) store, presumably chock full of Apple products.

Stairs and elevators will lead to the roof level, approximately 23 ft (7 m) high, which will boast a viewing platform that will allow visitors to take a nosey at the new spaceship-like digs. Parking for the visitor's center will comprise of a 684 capacity underground carpark, with elevators offering access into the visitor's center. A large screen will boost privacy for a nearby housing community.

The opening hours of the visitor's center will be 7 am to 7 pm weekdays, and 9 am to 7 pm on weekends.