One of the limiting factors of the existing Apple Watch has been the fact that if you want to use it for phone calls, it has to be paired with a nearby iPhone. Well, that isn't the case with the new Apple Watch Series 3. It has built-in cellular, making it a truly stand-alone device.

Users of the new watch will be able to use their existing iPhone phone number – they won't need separate numbers for the two devices. Along with phone calls, of course, they'll also be able to access the internet, meaning that they can stream over 40 million songs direct to the watch from Apple Music.

Sporting a new dual-core processor which is 70 percent faster, the Series 3 allows for quicker responses from Siri, which is now able to speak through the watch. It additionally utilizes a new chip that allows for Wi-Fi that's 85 percent faster and 50 percent more power efficient – battery life is a claimed 18 hours.

Everything is crammed into a case that is still almost the same size as that of the Series 2 – the back is extended by 2.5 mm. This is managed partly by having the display double as the antenna, and going with an electronic SIM instead of a traditional SIM card.

Apple will begin taking orders for the Series 3 starting on Sept. 15th, with availability slated for Sept. 22nd. It will be priced at US$399 with cellular, or $329 without. There will also be new pricing for the Series 1, which will go for $249.

Source: Apple