Powered by the front half of a Tuono 1100 V4, the Aprilia Concept RS660 unveiled at EICMA is a lightweight parallel twin supersport bike with comfy ergonomics for the road and a frontal aerodynamic profile that changes angle to adjust the balance between drag and downforce.

Like most of the Italian company's catalog, the Aprilia Concept RS660 is a stylish looking thing, and although it's focused on being a "fun bike" that's "thrilling for the road," Aprilia is enjoying the chance to experiment with aerodynamic ideas "unrestricted by any regulations" that might pop up in racing.

As such, it's a bit of an odd combination – the motor, a 660cc parallel twin that basically removes the two rear cylinders from Aprilia's existing RSV4 and Tuono 1100, is firmly street focused, as are the ergonomics, which feature a large seat, high semi-handlebars and comfy riding position. That collection of traits would make for a neat little streetbike.

On the other hand, the carbon fairings and wickedly racy tail give the impression of a track machine with a lap-time focus. And the idea of having active aerodynamics on board to add downforce when cornering and reduce drag on the straights isn't something that'll make much difference at legal road speeds.

In all, the Concept RS660 is probably most notable as our first look at a new platform. That aluminum frame and swingarm, plus the 660cc parallel twin, will form the basis of a new range of streetbikes, presumably including something sporty that doesn't look too dissimilar to this concept, and a naked machine. Aprilia says it plans to release the upcoming bikes in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Source: Aprilia

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