Luxury yacht designers Ardoin Yacht Design and U-Boat Worx submarines have collaborated on the perfect companion for U-Boat's one, two or three person submarines. The Deep Blue catamaran can carry the submarine and 12 passengers to your diving spot at up to 30 knot speeds, then hydraulically lower and raise the submarine for launching and docking.

DEEP BLUE is designed for the day charter market as a support vessel with limited crew requirements with plenty of space to accommodate 12 passengers, though it has also been designed to be versatile enough to adapt for many professional and leisure applications.

The Deep blue is capable of carrying one of any of U-Boat Worx submarines, and engine choices include an inboard diesel and a class 4 water jet, ensuring Deep Blue makes short work of any distance with 25 to 30 knot cruise speeds.

"The DEEP BLUE is the accomplishment of my yachting experiences", said chief designer Cedric Ardoin, "but this basic version can easily be personalized, by adding for instance crew cabins or research laboratories, extending the application to match the exact nature of the client's need."

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