January 2, 2008 While Bluetooth headphones are the hot item for those seeking the convenience of a wireless solution for personal audio players, Arriva have developed a cost-effective, low-tech system for iPod Shuffle users that effectively produce the same result. Using a soft spring design, the Arriva's "wireless" iPod Shuffle stereo headphones support the Shuffle and hold it in place at the back of the head forming a self contained unit and eliminating the need to run wires into a backpack or elsewhere on the body.

The headset comes in two different styles - "regular" and "extreme active wear" for use when running or undertaking other sporting activities. Designed to mould to the user's head shape so as not to interfere with glasses or goggles, the system can be worn with a helmet or hat and two types of earbuds are available - iPod or in-ear type. When not in use the headphones can be compacted and stored in the pouch provided.

The Arriva "wireless" iPod Shuffle stereo headphones are available through the company's website for USD$39.95 plus shipping costs.

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