Artiphon has launched a limited beta testing program for its intriguing Instrument 1 for iPhone and iPod touch, first announced in late 2012. Approved testers will be sent out a pre-production model free of charge.

Pricing for Artiphon's powerful new professional-grade instrument was announced last June, and though reservations for the first batch off the production line are still open, the device has yet to actually be released.

"For the next stage of product development, Artiphon is putting the Instrument 1 in the hands of a diverse group of musicians," says the development team. "Artiphon is looking for beta testers with skills ranging from beginner to advanced, and styles ranging from traditional to experimental. If you have a passion for exploring new technology and being part of the development process, consider filling out the application."

Artiphon will base its selection process on the diversity of an applicant's creative projects, their level of commitment and their potential audience reach. Musicians from the Nashville area will get first slice of cake, followed shortly after by national and international testers. That said, artists with a large fan base, or those who are pretty well-established, can bypass the application process by emailing the team directly.

In return for getting the opportunity to be among the first to experiment with Artiphon's new musical platform, albeit for a limited time only, players accepted into the program will be required to participate in a series of surveys, user forums and one-on-one interviews. Feedback and experiences gained from the exercise "will be core to the process that brings Artiphon’s multi-instrument concept to the world."

The promo video below shows the kind of experience on offer.

Source: Artiphon

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