Multi-purpose sporting courts can be a jumble of different colored lines and markings that can be confusing to spectators and players alike. Similar to LEDSSPORT's Pulastic LED Court, the GlassFloor flooring from German company ASB uses LEDs embedded in the floor to display the line markings for different sports at the flick of a switch.

The ASB GlassFloor features an aluminum frame that supports the glass surface under which an array of LEDs are positioned. Because the floor is programmable, it means arena owners do not have to repaint the floor for each sport. Instead, a quick flip of a switch causes the floor to change for a different sport, saving time and money.

To help recreate the feel of a wood floor, the surface is covered in ceramic dots, while special etchings diffuse the LED light to cut the glare for the athletes. The system is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Besides sports court markings, ASB GlassFloor could also have scoreboards and ads displayed right in the floor, which could open up new income opportunities on the professional sports level. In fact, the whole surface of the floor can be turned into one giant screen.

Aside from sporting and advertising opportunities, ASB says its GlassFloor technology could be used as smart flooring in buildings to guide people from an information desk to their desired location or to direct them out of a building in the case of an emergency by following an illuminated LED path.

The video below shows the ASB GlassFloor cycling through various different court configurations.

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