If you've ever imagined the song you'd like to be played at your funeral or you imagine it to be the send-off of the year, then you might be interested in And Vinyly. This UK-based company will press your cremated ashes into a vinyl playing a track of your choice or a vocal message for your friends and family to enjoy and remember you by.

The basic package includes a 30 disc pressing of your record, plus the standard “R.I.V.” record label with your name, date of birth and date of death. The music itself can be a track, a personal production, a vocal recording, or just silence – the crackling sound of you and the vinyl melded.

Chargeable extras include: a personal portrait by James Hague, an artist who has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, which can be painted from a photograph or from a personal sitting; a personal track written and recorded by a choice of bands from associate record label Daftwerk and band collective House of Fix; and backing tracks or soundscapes for your vocal message.

As if recreating yourself as an eternally tangible object and sound wasn't enough of a gift to your loved ones, And Vinyly can also arrange to have a pet or mere body parts pressed as vinyl (creepy); your vinyl distributed at record shops around the world (creepier); or finally the full funeral service arranged by dedicated events organizers. They also have a shop with merchandise (mostly “souled out” right now), and a “raveyard” showcasing the band talent.

Prices start at £2000 (US$3089).