Swan song: have your ashes pressed as vinyl

Swan song: have your ashes pre...
And Vinyly provide the perfect resting place for you in vinyl
And Vinyly provide the perfect resting place for you in vinyl
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And Vinyly provide the perfect resting place for you in vinyl
And Vinyly provide the perfect resting place for you in vinyl

If you've ever imagined the song you'd like to be played at your funeral or you imagine it to be the send-off of the year, then you might be interested in And Vinyly. This UK-based company will press your cremated ashes into a vinyl playing a track of your choice or a vocal message for your friends and family to enjoy and remember you by.

The basic package includes a 30 disc pressing of your record, plus the standard “R.I.V.” record label with your name, date of birth and date of death. The music itself can be a track, a personal production, a vocal recording, or just silence – the crackling sound of you and the vinyl melded.

Chargeable extras include: a personal portrait by James Hague, an artist who has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, which can be painted from a photograph or from a personal sitting; a personal track written and recorded by a choice of bands from associate record label Daftwerk and band collective House of Fix; and backing tracks or soundscapes for your vocal message.

As if recreating yourself as an eternally tangible object and sound wasn't enough of a gift to your loved ones, And Vinyly can also arrange to have a pet or mere body parts pressed as vinyl (creepy); your vinyl distributed at record shops around the world (creepier); or finally the full funeral service arranged by dedicated events organizers. They also have a shop with merchandise (mostly “souled out” right now), and a “raveyard” showcasing the band talent.

Prices start at £2000 (US$3089).

Imagine. I can count on spending eternity at 78rpm. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California.
Serafina Tikklya
oooh! What a way to go! Maybe I could be pressed into the first Mothers of Invention demo album I had as a teenager that I would \"die for\" to have again! But then I wouldn\'t be able to listen to \"Susie, Susie Creamcheese...\"
Serafina Tikklya
The only problem with this idea is that vinyl-philes are dying off. Maybe they could press my ashes and DNA into a gold \"vinyl\" disk and shoot me off into space on a interstellar probe. Then some advanced civilization could resurrect me...and I could sing along with the album for them!
Just have it gold-plated and hung on a wall, framed real nice.

For all we know the ashes not used are just flushed down the toilet. How much ashes do they need? Or is it just a teaspoon\'s worth mixed in with the vinyl plastic prior to pressing?
Facebook User
When I die, I wish to be turned into a copy of \"Dark Side of the Moon\"
I like the idea of the needle sticking it to me with: \"Get Back, get back, get back to where you once belong\" . . . d;-)