Prices for original DB5s used in movies like Goldfinger are now high enough to leave one shaken as well as stirred, so Aston Martin is making a series of limited edition, non street-legal replicas with all the gadgetry Q fitted to the cars in the movies.

Working with Bond film producers EON productions, Aston Martin will be building 25 1964-spec DB5s, painting them in Silver Birch and then kitting them out with faithful reproductions of the original spy gadgets 007 used in Goldfinger.

Thus, the license plate will be a revolving unit with three phony plates to choose from, while the center console will flip up to reveal switches for smoke bombs, oil slicks, a rear bulletproof screen and twin wing-mounted machine guns, which will all do … something? It's hard to imagine exactly what, as there's currently almost zero details about exactly which props will be included and what level of functionality they'll enjoy.

The Goldfinger car also had that flip-up gearshift lever cap with a red button on it that flipped back the roof and fired the passenger side ejector seat – we suspect that will end up just being a button.

There were also extending tire slashers – always a favorite – and a crude GPS tracker built into the dash that must've seemed incredibly futuristic in the 1960s, but which everyone carries around in their pockets these days. Likewise the hidden telephone in the door, complete with a curly cord. It's quite a time capsule.

As the cars that started the whole Aston-Bond relationship – as well as the first tricked-out spy cars Bond ever drove – the originals are commanding some pretty silly money at auction.

With first deliveries slated for 2020, these replicas will command some pretty silly money themselves. You'll be paying £2.75 million (US$3.5 million) apiece, plus taxes, for a car that can't be driven on the road. Worse still, you've got to bring your own Pussy Galore. Still, as Sean Connery would say, for the right buyer this car would be a shite for shore eyesh.

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Source: Aston Martin

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