Not satisfied with creating stylish supercars, Aston Martin is getting its tires wet by teaming up with Quintessence Yachts and naval architects Mulder Design, both from The Netherlands, to produce a 37-foot (11-m) powerboat.

The powerboat has been designed around a new composite structure and will be available in two different versions – the AM37, and AM37 S. Quintessence claims the AM37 will be a classic "gran turismo" leisure powerboat boasting a top speed of around 44 knots (50 mph/81 km/h). Meanwhile. the AM37 S will top out at 52 knots (60 mph/96 km/h) and will be focused on providing a full-on sports powerboat experience.

Both models will be built out of an epoxy resin composite hull, with structural elements made of carbon fiber. The cabin will be decked out in sculpted wood and hand-stitched leather and boast interactive voice control and activation along with an integrated HD touchscreen for navigation and multimedia system control. It will also include some (yet to be detailed) remote control features.

The yacht's design is still yet to be fully unveiled, but four computer renderings have been released as a teaser. Quintessence and Aston Martin are revealing additional design element details to potential customers on a confidential one-to-one basis, with more details about the AM37 to be released to the great unwashed "in due course".

“Over the course of our 102-year history Aston Martin has produced some of the most iconic luxury sports cars of all time," says Katia Bassi, Managing Director Aston Martin Brands. "Our contemporary designs retain classic lines whilst delivering the latest technical innovations, and the exciting range of luxury speed boats we are developing with Quintessence Yachts reflects this commitment to excellence in every field, as well as perfectly encapsulating our ‘Art of Living’ philosophy."

Aston Martin has a long and well-known affiliation with James Bond, but whether the new yachts make it onto the silver screen in any future Bond movies remains to be seen. If they do, this is likely to please Mulder Design, which has a history of naming a number of its previous high-speed yachts after Bond movies, including Octopussy, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough.

The AM37 is slated to debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

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