An all-electric Audi SUV concept has long been expected for debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. This week, Audi confirmed that those expectations will be met, providing some initial details about the new e-tron quattro concept. The concept previews a production model scheduled for a 2018 launch and emphasizes that "electric driving at Audi is a pleasure, not a compromise."

Audi says that the e-tron quattro concept was designed as an electric vehicle from the ground up. It is based on the second-gen MLB architecture and carries its lithium-ion battery below the passenger compartment and between the axles, creating improved driving dynamics from a low center of gravity and balanced axle load distribution.

We don't know the battery's exact capacity, but we do know it's built up from LG and Samsung cells and provides a range of around 310 miles (500 km). That battery powers two rear axle-mounted motors and one front axle motor.

Audi hasn't called the model the Q6 outright, but it does say that the model is sized between the Q5 and Q7 in overall length. The concept wears an "aerosthetic" design with a closed underbody and front, side and rear active aero components keeping its drag coefficient down to 0.25.

We only have a couple of rough sketches to work with, but we see that the e-tron quattro has compact dimensions and, as expected, takes some cues from the Prologue concepts that led up to it. The influence can be seen in the large hexagonal grille, sculpted lower flanks, oversized wheels and lightly flared arches. The multi-screen driver's cockpit in the four-seat interior is also inspired by the Prologues.

We'll have to wait until the Frankfurt show to learn more, including whether or not the car features OLED taillights. Audi plans to launch the production electric SUV, its first large-series electric car, in 2018.

Source: Audi

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