Home security systems may bring peace of mind when it comes to detecting intrusions, but not everyone likes the thought of video cameras watching over them 24 hours a day. That's why Cognitive Systems Corp created Aura. Instead of cameras, it uses a sensor to detect disruptions to wireless signals caused by movement.

Unveiled this week at CES, Aura actually consists of two pieces of equipment: a hub unit that's placed at one end of the main floor of the home, and a sensor unit that's placed at the other end. Once plugged in to wall outlets and set up using an iOS/Android app, those two devices create a 3D oval-shaped area of wireless coverage between them.

If anyone moves through that area, they will disrupt the wireless signal. Utilizing "patented spectrum analytics technology," Aura will detect that disruption and notify users via an app on their phone – the hub will also emit an audible alarm.

According to the company, the system will not be accidentally set off by things like drapes fluttering in the breeze, or other non-human movements. Because it's not visually-based, it's of course also not triggered by changes in lighting or shifting shadows.

Aura will be available for preorder starting on Jan. 5th, priced at US$499. Orders should ship by Feb. 28th.

Source: Aura

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