If you want to see the Northern Lights, there are hotels or even igloo villages you can stay at. For something different, though, how about jumping in a tiny sled-pod and being towed by snowmobile to the middle of nowhere, where you can marvel at the spectacle with virtually no-one else around?

The Aurora Bubble Sled gives visitors the opportunity to view the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) in relative solitude and away from any light pollution, while also experiencing the wilderness of the Artic Tundra. The activity is run by Off the Map Travel in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, which is is said to be one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

Off the Map tells New Atlas that the bubble is comfortable and warm, but basic. It will accommodate two people sleeping overnight or up to four people for an evening excursion. It has a 180-degree transparent polycarbonate roof providing front-to-back views of the surroundings, and glass fibre porthole windows providing views out of the sides.

Other features include a thermostat-controlled diesel heating system that will keep the bubble warm for up to 24 hours, bean bags, a mattress for overnight stays, reindeer skins, pillows and sleeping bags. There's also a battery that powers its onboard LED lights.

Once in the bubble, guests are towed out into the wilderness and are provided with a mobile phone in case they need to contact a guide at any point during the night. If nature calls, for example, they can return to accommodation they are staying in for the rest of their stay.

The Aurora Bubble Sled experience can be added to any tailored Kilpisjarvi itinerary from Off the Map Travel. There's only one bubble available this year, but more are planned for next year. The first guests are due in December.

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