Learning from Australia’s arid climate and recent struggles with drought, the Aussietank was developed to aid households in times of dry periods and water restrictions. The collapsible and portable water tank comes flat-packed in three different sizes and has recently become available to the USA market. It could help households hit by the North American drought to harvest water without the expense of permanent water tank installation.

"The main inspiration behind the Aussietank was to create a DIY water tank that can be easily transported and if needed emptied and relocated with ease," managing director of Aussietank, Alastair Pryor tells Gizmag. "We wanted to create a cost effective way for water harvesting so that any household could afford our products."

The Aussietank is made from a flexible marine grade PVC shell that connects to a tubular zinc-plated steel frame and features a protective cover. No tools are needed to construct the tank and each kit comes with a DIY instruction booklet. The Aussietank can collapse back down and be stored away during the winter season or for when it is next required.

"Our tanks are potable meaning that you can store drinking water in them, which could be great for camping or aid relief," says Pryor. "We have also designed the tank to be suitable in various weather conditions. We have tested it in snow, wind and rain and it has always passed with flying colors."

The Aussietank is available in 118, 264 or 538 gallon (446, 1,000, 2,000 liter) size options and self-assembly should take less than 20 minutes. They come complete with built-in connections and tank fittings compatible to fit a standard garden hose. The 246 gallon/1,000 liter tank option comes packaged in a box measuring 13 x 10 x 55 in (35 x 26 x 141 cm) with a gross weight of 53 lb (24kgs).

The Aussietank could be a good solution to collect rain water for maintaining the garden, washing the car or filling up the pool. The tanks are available for purchase online, with prices starting from approximately US$250. Five percent of all profits will be donated to an American-based charity that supplies clean drinking water to third world countries.

Source: Aussietank

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