Many people enjoy documenting their daily lives with a steady stream of photos, but whatever the camera, such snaps tend to be taken at a time considered opportune by the photographer. OMG Life’s Autographer takes a different approach, with a camera designed to be clipped onto clothing or worn around the neck, taking photos when it chooses, not you.

Autographer is capable of automatically capturing thousands of high resolution photos daily, sporting 8 GB of internal memory and a 5-megapixel low-light sensor, which captures images through a custom 136-degree wide angle lens. Photos are accessed via Bluetooth, desktop interface or mobile app, and users can view a stop-frame video to see an entire day’s activity in a few minutes.

Autographer weighs just 58 grams (two ounces), so should be fairly comfortable to wear around the neck

One stumbling block which comes to mind when considering an automated camera is that it wouldn't be very interesting to document time sat on the couch watching TV, or other sedentary activities. OMG Life tackles this by imparting Autographer with a rudimentary "brain," which enables it to select a good time to begin snapping. This is done with the help of data gleaned from five sensors, including GPS and accelerometer, which monitor changes in ambient light, color, movement, direction, and temperature.

Whether Autographer proves to be a killer product or not will largely depend upon just how good the internal mechanism is at deciding when to take a photo. OMG Life does have some experience in this regard, with the company having previously been responsible for the development of Microsoft's SenseCam technology, which was also rolled into the Vicon Revue.

If you'd like to find out for yourself how well Autographer's auto snapping system fares, it will be available in the UK from November for a price which reflects its niche status – a cool £399 (roughly US$650 at time of writing).

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Source: Autographer via Gizmodo

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