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Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm (ACADA)

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May 19, 2006 One can only imagine the horrors of finding out the hard way that one was in the vicinity, or indeed, the target of a chemical agent attack. Whilst it’s something most of us will never have to worry about, there are those in occupations where it’s a distinct possibility they might face such a scenario. Those people will be glad to have a GID-3 chemical agent detector in their vicinity. The ACADA is an advanced point-sampling, chemical warfare agent detection system that continuously monitors for the presence of nerve agents and blister chemicals using IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) technology. It provides early warning of chemical attacks and can be remotely deployed, vehicle mounted or carried by soldiers.

Since 1998, Smiths Detection has supplied more than 30,000 ACADA (GID-3) units to the US Department of Defense for deployment with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard. 10,000 GID-3 units have also been purchased by other customers and deployed worldwide, so someone thinks they’ll be handy sooner or later.

Smiths Detection, a world leading provider of chemical, biological and explosives detectors, and X-ray security screening equipment, today announced its Military unit has been awarded a $27.3 million Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm (ACADA) contract from the Department of Defense, with a contract ceiling of $74 million over the next five years. Smiths Detection is supplying the military with GID-3 chemical agent detectors for the ACADA program.

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