Although we've seen at least one off-road skateboard with built-in suspension, aftermarket suspension systems for more traditional boards are few and far between. The designers at California-based Avenue Trucks, however, are out to change that. They claim that their suspension trucks should improve the skateboarding experience in several key ways.

Unlike some other suspension skateboard trucks (such as those made by Seismic), Avenue Trucks don't incorporate coil-type shock absorbers. Instead, they utilize a simpler leaf spring-like design, where the magnesium main body of the truck is mounted on a folded-over metal baseplate that can flex by up to half an inch (12.7 mm).

The body is able to pivot relative to that plate and unlike traditional trucks, it features a "floating" pivot point that reportedly results in smoother turns and more control.

The designers also claim that the trucks' ability to soak up momentum-sapping vibrations allows the skateboard to travel faster, plus it reduces high-speed wobble. Additionally, by preloading the suspension, riders are subsequently better able to "pop" their boards when performing tricks.

Needless to say, that half-inch of travel also helps reduce bone-jarring impacts to the rider when making hard landings.

Avenue Trucks has turned to Kickstarter to finance production of its product, where a pledge of US$45 will currently get you a set of the trucks – assuming all goes according to plan.

You can see them in action, in the following video.

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