Tiny house builder Everywhere offers a luxurious take on the classic A-frame cabin with its Ayfraym. Bringing to mind Build Tiny's Buster, the cabin is available to purchase in two price points: either as a box of plans for US$1,950 for handy types to build themselves or a contractor to handle, or Everywhere itself can be hired to build the cabin, starting at $252,000.

The idea for the Ayfraym came about because Everywhere (aka Everywhere Travel Company) co-founder Brand Winnie felt inspired by a cabin his grandfather built in the 1970s. After time spent researching different types of cabins, he decided on creating an A-Frame.

With its relatively high starting price, this example is rather more spacious and high-end than the average A-frame though. It has a total floorspace of 1,574 sq ft (146 sq m) and includes three bedrooms, one of which hosts four bunkbeds as standard, or can optionally be turned into a home office space.

A pair of bathrooms, three wooden decks, and vaulted kitchen and living areas feature elsewhere in the cabin. There are 9 ft (2.7 ft)-high ceilings on the ground floor and the glazing looks generous. A mini-split system is installed for heating and cooling, and the renders also depict a wood-burning stove.

We've no word on any kind of off-grid functionality, but presumably it wouldn't be too difficult to install some composting toilets and solar panels if the customer was keen on cutting the cord.

Everywhere recently started shipping its plans to customers and says that they have already begun the process of constructing their own cabins, but for now all we have to see of the Ayfraym are the computer renders shown.

Source: Everywhere

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