New Zealand's Build Tiny just put the finishing touches to a new model that looks very similar to its Millennial Tiny House from the outside, but has a different interior layout. The Buster Tiny House offers a relatively spacious living room and is available to purchase at three different price points, catering to handy types who want a shell to finish themselves, as well as those who just want a home that's ready to move in.

The Buster Tiny House measures 7.2 m (23 ft) x 2.4 m (7.9 ft) and reaches a maximum height of 4.2 m (13.8 ft). It's clad in two-tone corrugated metal and insulated with Bradford Gold insulation. Like the Millennial, it comprises a steel frame. Though we've no word on its weight, steel framed tiny houses are generally lighter than their similarly-sized wooden framed counterparts (wooden framed tiny houses are also much more common).

A significant chunk of the Buster Tiny House's ground floor is given over to its living room, which boasts a high ceiling, and French doors open the home up to the outside. This area joins onto the kitchen, which has quite a bit of storage space, as well as a microwave, fridge/freezer, washing machine, propane-powered four burner oven, and space for a dishwasher to be installed.

At the far end of the home lies the bathroom, which looks pretty snug and contains a shower, sink and a composting toilet.

A storage-integrated staircase leads up to the sole sleeping loft. This is a typical tiny house-style bedroom and doesn't have enough headroom to stand up straight. It also includes integrated storage space.

As standard, the Buster Tiny House gets its power from an RV-style hookup, though off-grid functionality can be added at extra cost. Options include a solar panel array, inverter and batteries, as well as water tanks.

The Buster Tiny House is sold in three different packages. A basic shell costs NZD$55,600 (roughly US$38,370), while a shell with wiring and plumbing fetches NZD$84,500 (US$58,300). A complete home ready to move in will set you back NZD$102,500 (US$70,730).

Source: Build Tiny

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