The Millennial Tiny House, by New Zealand's Build Tiny, boasts some great space-saving ideas. Its interior includes a retractable staircase, underfloor storage, and a home office. Interestingly, the towable dwelling is also available to purchase at three different price points, catering to both DIY'ers and those who want a turnkey home ready to move in.

The Millennial Tiny House is based on a double-axle trailer and measures 7.2 x 2.4 m (23 x 7.8 ft). Inside, the center of the home is taken up by a living area with generous underfloor storage.

The obvious issue with this setup is that installing a couch or dining table would make it hard to access the underfloor storage area, though perhaps movable seating could work (a hanging chair is currently installed). Two large French doors are positioned opposite each other to promote airflow and open the home to the outside.

The Millennial Tiny House's most novel feature is its sliding staircase. Made from a lightweight aluminum frame and poplar-plywood, it's pulled out from the wall manually and locks into place to offer access to a sleeping loft above.

Back on the ground floor, a door adjacent to the staircase leads to a bathroom with shower, sink, laundry area and a composting toilet on wheels.

Over on the other side of the Millennial Tiny House lies a decently-proportioned kitchen with full-size fridge, sink, two-burner propane stove, lots of storage space and generous countertops.

The kitchen provides access to a loft office area above (it can also optionally be used as a second bedroom). You get up there not with a retractable staircase, but by climbing some steps onto the kitchen counter (making sure to remove muddy boots beforehand) and then ascending a ladder attached to the wall.

The office includes a built-in desk attached to the wall and a footwell that drops down to a shelf in the kitchen below so that users can sit comfortably. There's also yet more storage space.

The Millennial Tiny House comprises a steel frame (most but not all tiny houses are wood-framed) and Earthwool insulation in the ceiling and walls, with polystyrene underfloor insulation. It's clad in Cedartech and treated steel, and has a standard RV-style mains hookup, though a full off-grid solar package is available at additional cost.

The model pictured is Build Tiny's prototype but the firm does offer the Millennial Tiny House for sale. Pricing is flexible and comes in three stages: Stage 1 costs NZD59,750 (roughly US$43,000) and is essentially a watertight shell. Stage 2 costs NZD90,995 (US$65,500) and adds wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. You'll need to shell out NZD120,500 (US$86,700) for a full turnkey version of the home.

Source: Build Tiny

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