Each year, millions of people head to their festival of choice with tent and sleeping bag in hand. Belgian company Achilles Design aims to bring those festival goers a little extra comfort – and save space too – with its honeycomb-shaped B-And-Bee shelter.

Bearing some resemblance to the Japanese Capsule Hotels we covered back in 2011, the B-And-Bee features a modular, stackable design that takes up a relatively small physical footprint when compared to a large number of tents. The company also states that it's easily transported and assembled.

Access is gained via metal steps and a roll-up canvas sheet serves as a zip-up door. There's a king-size bed inside that converts to seating, and the snug interior also sports luggage storage, a locker, light, and a power supply.

One can't help but think that the company is missing a trick marketing B-And-Bee solely toward festival organizers, as it could perhaps be useful in other areas too, such as in natural disaster situations, for example. Still, it's early days yet, and the design is currently being tested at Belgium's Gentse Feesten festival.

Source: B-And-Bee

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