By most measures, $299 is no small amount to shell out for headphones. But for a set of Bang and Olufsen wireless cans, you could certainly do worse. The Danish company has today introduced a more affordable cable-free option for its line of Beoplay headphones, the H4s, which look the same as the pricier models but do without a few of the key features.

The H4s feature the same elegant design as both the H9s and H7s, with lambskin material wrapped over memory foam earpieces, affixed to a lightweight aluminum frame. There's no noise cancellation, like you'll find in the $500 H9s, but for what its worth the company says the cushioned earpieces do a good job of drowning out ambient sound.

Another difference is the replacement of the touch interface with actual buttons. Some may in fact welcome a move that eliminates the guesswork of blindly tapping and swiping the side of their head, in favor of three physical buttons that can be pressed to adjust volume, change tracks and take calls.

The H4s hook up to the Beoplay mobile app through Bluetooth, which allows users to customize the sound through four different preset modes, Podcast, Clear, Workout and Commute, or alternatively they can fine-tune it themselves. Interestingly, the battery is claimed to offer 19 hours of use compared to the H9s' 16 hours, while an included cable can be plugged in for wired listening when you run out of juice.

The H4s come in charcoal grey and are available in Bang & Olufsen stores and selected dealers from today.

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