The Rover B14 scooter from Portland's Works Electric is a tough, standup electric scooter built for kicking up dust and chewing through dirt. Like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium, the all-new B14 Adventure scooter debuts as a high-performance, off-road-tweaked upgrade on an already rugged vehicle. The latest Rover has been fortified for rough ground and tuned for increased speed and fun.

The B14 Adventure gets some of the same types of modifications you might expect from a high-performance, off-road-spec SUV. Additions include aluminum underbody skid plates, a boost up to 4,400 watts and 45 lb-ft (61 Nm), from the B14's 4,000 watts and 41 lb-ft (56 Nm), and upgraded front brakes with larger 180-mm rotors. There's also a manual switch for the front and rear LED lights so that the rider can go into "stealth mode."

The B14 Adventure adds that new equipment and upgrading while only gaining a pound (2.2 kg) over the standard B14, flicking the scale needle to 82 lb (37 kg). Its extra power and torque more than overcome that weight increase, cutting the listed 0-30 mph (48 km/h) time down to 3.9 seconds (from 4.2 seconds) and increasing top speed from 35 mph (56 km/h) to 37 mph (60 km/h).

Works Electric fancies the B14 Adventure the "the only standing electric vehicle in the world to firmly occupy the powersports segment," and its power and performance stand above other standing and sit-atop electric off-road scooters we've covered recently, including the Beast and Velocifero MAD. In short, the Adventure appears to be a pretty bad-ass way to have fun in the dirt.

Beyond its improved specs, the Rover B14 Adventure shares many features with the standard B14, including the Magna-Shell ST chassis, regenerative rear braking and 4.5-in (11.4-cm) ground clearance. The same Z-Stack 3 folding front end allows it to pack down to 20 in (51-cm) high, for storing in a trunk or closet without a problem. The scooter rides on 14-in tires.

The B14 Adventure's 1.1-kWh lithium-ion battery offers up to 25 miles (40 km) of range and is protected by a fire-retardant Phase Change Material (PCM). It charges in five hours with the standard smart charger or 1.5 hours with the available fast charger. Works Electric estimates a 50,000-mile (80,500-km) lifespan.

One thing you'll notice that the B14 Adventure doesn't have is suspension. Works Electric president Brad Baker explains that this would have resulted in an increased folded height or added length, and Works didn't believe it necessary.

"The vehicle already performs exceedingly well off-road due to the combination of the massive tires and the standing riding position (legs = shocks)," Baker says. "You'd be very surprised what this thing can do once you get accustomed to this new kind of riding style. We've taken it out on technical singletrack and rocky mountain roads and had an absolute blast."

The B14 is available for order through Works Electric's website starting at US$6,300. Buyers can choose from belt and chain drives.

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