Tiny houses come small and, well, less small, and French purveyor of teeny towable homes Baluchon tends to focus on the former. But its latest creation does cut a slightly larger figure than its other offerings thanks to a pent roof that extends out beyond the trailer, with a lovely interior smartly laid out to serve its new owners in the French Alps.

The creativity of French tiny home builders is constrained by the country's regulations on towing weight, which limits these trailer-bound dwellings to 3.5 metric tons (7,700 lb) apiece. As such, Bachulon generally builds its tiny homes onto six-meter-long (20 ft) trailers with carefully selected amenities to make the most of every square inch.

Made to sleep three, the Intrépide also rests on a six-meter trailer, though the single surface sloping roof that stretches outwards gives the home an actual length of seven meters (23 ft). This is purely cosmetic and doesn't alter the living space inside, but does gives the Intrépide a simple and cleaner look than its gable-roofed siblings.

Three different shades of red cedar, a hallmark of Bachulon's homes, cover the outside, with double-glazed windows and aluminum-framed doors topped by a flower box creating plenty of avenues for natural light.

The living space doubles as a home office with a couch lining one wall and a 1.8-meter-long (6 ft) desk lining another. A wood heater also sits next to the entranceway alongside the kitchen, which includes two solid oak bench tops, a mini-fridge, stainless steel sink, oven, and stove top with a gas hook up.

A dry wood chip toilet and shower can be found in the bathroom, along with a wardrobe and washing machine. The bedroom loft up above is accessed via a fixed ladder next to the couch and offers 3 x 2.15 m (9.8 x 7 ft) of floorspace.

Baluchon recently completed the Intrépide as a bespoke tiny home for a couple and their dog, who promptly towed it off to the alpine town of Annecy in France's south east. The company hasn't shared any details on the cost, but general pricing information is available on its website.

Source: Baluchon

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