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Brainy tape measure works three ways

Brainy tape measure works thre...
The Bagel lets you measure in String, Wheel and Remote modes
The Bagel lets you measure in String, Wheel and Remote modes
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The Bagel lets you measure in String, Wheel and Remote modes
The Bagel lets you measure in String, Wheel and Remote modes
The Bagel in String mode
The Bagel in String mode

Although the classic tape measure continues to be a very useful tool, there are times where that curled metal tape just isn't right for the task at hand. Well, that's why Bagel was developed. It's a "smart" tape measure that offers three methods of measuring, along with built-in data storage and Bluetooth connectivity.

In String mode, lengths of up to 3 meters (about 10 ft) can be measured using a retractable string linked to the device's OLED display. That string can be laid out straight, or wound around objects as needed. If you've only got one hand free, Wheel mode may be more what you need – in that mode, Bagel is simply wheeled along the surface (up to 10 m/33 ft) that it's measuring.

Finally, if you're trying to measure the distance to a point that's hard to reach, there's Remote mode. Using a built-in laser pointer as a guide, it uses ultrasound to measure distances up to 5 m (16 ft).

The Bagel in String mode
The Bagel in String mode

One USB charge of the lithium-polymer battery should be good for up to eight hours of use.

In all modes, measurements can be stored on the unit's onboard memory, in both metric and imperial. If you wish, you can also record a voice memo with each one – as many as 100 measurements and memos can be stored at once, with the memos converted to text. Saved measurements/memos are also sent by Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app on your smartphone, allowing you to view and organize them on its screen.

Bagel is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of U$59 will presently get you one (the planned retail price is $89). If all goes according to plan, shipping is estimated for November.

It's demo'd in the video below.

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Bagel Labs - Bagel Smart Tape Measure

Retail price is $90: - single pack super early bird: $49 at 45% off = 49 / (1 - 0.45) = 89.09 - double pack super early bird: 2 bagels at 50% off for $90
Amuses me when new product's marketing team dis other products in order to make their product more appealing.. Such as a using a steel tape measuring around a belly. You don't use a steel measuring tape for that, you use a cloth tape. What was the point with the junk drawer? I could pull the string out of one of these, leave the battery and charger scattered about and make a mess too. I can buy a 30" measuring tape for $4 which requires no battery or charger so please don't expect for me to get excited for the pleasure of spending 30 times as much for a product which can do the job no better in addition to having to keep a battery charged. All I see is an $18 - $20 product here.
Sorry that might have some uses, but marketing it as a tape measure is a really bad idea. It's far inferior to a standard tape measure for reasons that people will soon find obvious. You can and do use a standard tape measure with one hand. Standard ones are more accurate, can measure short distances etc. They cheaper and more reliable. There's not much innovative here. Kinda just an over-hype packaging of mostly existing ideas. No one would want this for most things that spanning or cloth tapes already do better. I'm not saying it's totally useless, just something that most of us have almost no use for. It would have a very small market. And and I use tape measures enough to know. Make a standard tape that will extend on it's own or something instead.