Depending on one's personal turf and aesthetic appreciation, a speaker can either take up space or be an integral part of living areas. B&O Play, by Bang & Olufsen, has recently introduced its latest speaker that's designed for the latter, complementing interiors while delivering room-filling sound. The BeoPlay A6 features touch controls, a host of wireless streaming options, and interchangeable fabric covers.

The company was at IFA 2015, demonstrating how the A6's unique shape makes the most of its speaker hardware. A pair of 60-watt class D woofers and 30-watt class D tweeters each are set about the curved front, a design meant to provide greater dispersion patterns of sound. Along with the 60-watt class D rear-firing full-range driver, the BeoPlay A6 is capable of filling spaces with music driven by Bang & Olufsen's signature sound.

Depending on placement – wall, corner, or free-standing – users can manually optimize the audio performance with a switch on the speaker's backside. A built-in handle makes carrying and moving the A6 easier.

With its AirPlay, DLNA, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the BeoPlay A6 can wirelessly stream audio from most any modern PC, laptop, or mobile device. Music control isn't limited to connected devices only. The speaker also features a touch interface system that was introduced with the contemporary, disc-shaped BeoPlay A9. By tapping and swiping along the top of the A6, users can start/stop music, adjust volume, and change tracks.

Interchangeable, wool-blended covers are designed to give the A6 speaker a look and feel closer to that of high-end furniture. Depending on preference, users can choose a fabric color to harmonize the BeoPlay A6 with interior decor or have it stand out in a striking way.

The BeoPlay A6 is expected to be available for US$999 on Oct. 19, in color choices of light grey, dark grey, dusty blue, and dark rose.

Source: BeoPlay

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