It's estimated that more than 222,000 people are sent to emergency rooms across the USA each year as a result of ladder-related injuries. Even without this alarming statistic, it's obvious that your safety depends on the ladder being on a firm, even surface, whether you are on a building site or just doing some odd jobs around the home. The Base Mate Easy Connect is designed to improve stability by attaching to the base of your existing ladder to provide a wide, strong and supportive base, even when the ground surface is less than ideal.

The Base Mate Easy Connect attaches to most aluminum and wooden ladders and adding a wider footprint and therefore greater stability when the ground surface is soft, muddy, uneven or rocky. It has a hardened steel arch that creates added support and is locked into place by a triple-action locking system.

The Easy Connect attachment arms hold the unit in place on the ladder’s rungs. The adjustable locking system is quick and easy to use and the ice-pick feet can sit flat or can be pointed down on hard surfaces to improve traction. The unit has an easy one foot operation and once in place, the ladder is self leveling.

To attach the Easy Connect to a ladder, you place the ladder on a raised surface – such as a workbench or sawhorse. Then clamp the Easy Connect to the lowest rungs of the ladder, adjust the screws and ensure the clamps can not slide along the rungs with moderate pressure. You will feel and hear a click when the clamps are in position. The locking rings are then slid down to ensure the clamps stay in place.

The Easy Connect is leveled by holding the ladder vertically over the highest point where you want it to stand, allowing the full weight of the ladder to rest. The leveling pedal is then depressed and the ladder’s weight will help to level the base. The base is adjusted as required by depressing the right pedal and sliding the ladder or by using the level valves in the clamps. The ice pick feet should be kept rubber side down on soft surfaces and with the metal edge down for added traction on hard surfaces.

The Base Mate Easy Connect fits most ladder types and weighs less than seven pounds so it is easy to carry from job-to-job. It's available for around $80 in Canada. See the demo below.

It's worth noting that there are also products out there that enhance safety at the top end of the ladder like the Laddersmart safety device.