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Laddersmart: enhanced safety for the upwardly mobile

Laddersmart: enhanced safety f...
Laddersmart safety devce
Laddersmart safety devce
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Laddersmart safety devce
Laddersmart safety devce
Unique 'jaw' locking system
Unique 'jaw' locking system
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May 23, 2008 In the UK alone an average of 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries* are suffered by workers each year in accidents involving ladders and stepladders. The Laddersmart safety device is designed to help combat this ongoing problem in relation to rooftop access, locking the top of the ladder firmly into place and protecting the gutter at the same time.

Developed over a four year period, the Laddersmart hails from Australia where the problem is even worse than in the UK, with more than 83 deaths in the last five years** despite a much smaller population. It works by fitting into the gutter from the ground using a telescopic pole and a unique 'jaw' locking system. The ladder is then placed against the device to lock it into position, stopping it from moving sideways or backwards and also protecting the gutter from damage.

Designed for both professional tradespeople or home use, the Laddersmart would undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your safety arsenal for quite a small investment. It's available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website for AUD$84.00 (around US$79 at the time of publication) and the company is investigating international distribution opportunities with further announcements expected later this year.

The product does not come with the telescopic pole; any painter’s pole can be purchased separately from a hardware store and will fit into the Laddersmart.

Laddersmart is a finalist in the 2008 Next Big Thing Award. The award is an annual Australian-wide competition to find and showcase exciting new products with the potential to become the 'next big thing'. Winners receive over $50,000 in cash and prizes plus valuable media exposure.

*References: Safety Concepts

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