If you're looking for a PC-based VR game with a character you recognize – or you just went to see what it's like to be Batman – now's your chance. Batman: Arkham VR is available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive starting today, along with stylized horror title Wilson's Heart on the Rift.

We had the chance to sample this title already on the PlayStation VR, but the experience was impeded by its subpar controllers. We're looking forward to trying it with HTC and Oculus' more advanced tracking and motion controls.

The VR version of the Batman: Arkham series is much shorter and less involved than its console counterparts, but the investigation-based title marks the first time the series lets you play as Batman in the first person. It is available for US$19.99 on Steam or in the Oculus Store.

If you're a Rift owner, another noir first-person thriller also hits shelves today: Wilson's Heart. In this game you play the role of Robert Wilson, who awakens in a creepy 1940's hospital one day only to discover that in place of his heart, an unknown device has been implanted in his chest. Navigate the hospital's frightening (and at times, graphic) corridors and work with your fellow patients to discover what happened to you.

Wilson's Heart is $39.99 in the Oculus Store and requires Touch controllers. Since it's from Oculus Studios and Twistel Pixel Games, we expect it to remain a Rift exclusive.

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