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Battery-free bicycle lighting

Battery-free bicycle lighting
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March 21, 2008 In the pecking order of road users, bicycle riders are at the very bottom – the most vulnerable, slowest moving, least visible and most likely to die. So anything you can do to add to your visibility will help, and these new battery-free Pedalites offer 360 degree visibility.

Three out of four accidents involving cyclists in the UK happen at road junctions (RosPA) where cyclists cannot be seen from the side. However, Pedalites provide 360 degree lighting to ensure that cyclists can be seen from the side.

The lights stay on for up to five minutes after the pedalling has stopped meaning that cyclists can also be seen clearly at road junctions. The lights also create a virtual cycle lane so bikes with Pedalites fitted seem wider to cars and they tend to give them more space and distance.

The Pedalites are fitted onto bikes in place of traditional pedals simply and easily. They are based on patented technology and are powered only using cycling energy. They light up as soon as the cyclist starts to pedal and continue flashing for up to five minutes when the cyclist has stopped as they uniquely store the energy produced by cycling. They provide always-on lighting for bikes which means that when cyclists are out and about and their batteries run out or it gets dark suddenly, they can still be seen clearly by cars from up to 1km away - any time day or night. The lights cost UKP35 are available in 24 countries or they can be purchased online. International distributor enquiries welcome..

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I like this idea.....I believe that with tiny dyno's on the pedals as you pedal it generates more than enough electricity to run your lights all the time not just for 5minutes after you are done pedaling unless of course you only rode 1 block.....LOL