People are relying on our phones like never before, and a flat battery can spell disaster, or at least some mild anxiety. Either way, external charging solutions are finding their way into everything from dedicated credit card-shaped devices to the countertop at your local Starbucks. Now a writing pen with a backup battery packed inside can be added to the list.

The so-called Power Pen looks just like your everyday aluminum writing tool complete with a twist-action to reveal the ballpoint pen tip. But twist the body of the pen a little closer to the top and you’ll reveal lightning and Micro USB connectors, ready to feed your iOS or Android device energy from the 700 mAh battery hiding inside. At its end, a cap can be removed to reveal a USB port to recharge the Power Pen.

As for how much extra battery life the device might provide, its developers aren’t making any grand claims. It may not have the capacity of some competitor offerings, such as the 900 mAh Dog & Bone case or the impressive 3,800 mAh PowerTrekk 2.0, but it should pull your smartphone battery indicator out of the red for an hour or two.

And lacking a little in battery capacity as it may be, the convenience of having two more frequently used items morphed into a single device might convince a busy few to forgo the extra milliamps for the sake of convenience.

If you are so inclined, the Power Pen is priced at £24.99 (US$40) and is available via the source link below.

Source: Firebox

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