A couple of years ago, we heard about a device known as the Ripple Maker (now called Coffee Ripples), a machine that reproduces photos, text or other graphics on coffee foam. Well, beer-drinkers may be glad to know that its makers are back, with Beer Ripples.

Designed for use in bars, Beer Ripples is a Wi-Fi-connected touchscreen-equipped countertop device that uses malt-based ink to print text or images on the foam in a glass of beer. Using an accompanying iOS/Android app, operators can choose from an online library of hundreds of messages and images, or they can upload custom images – such as photos supplied by customers.

The machine works with glasses up to 7 inches tall (18 cm), raising them up to its print head and then taking 11 seconds to print any message or image on the beer foam.

It's available now in the US and Canada, priced at US$3,000. An annual subscription fee of $1,500 is also required, which provides enough ink for up to 6,000 prints a year. A global roll-out is expected to take place soon.

The device can be seen in action, in the following video.

Source: Beer Ripples

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