Belkin update TuneBase FM transmitter for iPods

Belkin update TuneBase FM transmitter for iPods
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September 20, 2007 iPod accessories continue to multiply exponentially, and why not with over 110 million iPods sold to June 2007 according to Apple. The latest add-on to catch our attention is Belkin's updated model of its TuneBase FM transmitter which includes new Clearscan technology - a feature that automatically seeks out the clearest FM frequency through which to relay your music.

The new TuneBase has all the functions of the previous model with multiple cradles allowing you to mount any docking iPod, including the newly released Touch and Nano models, to the dash of your car. The cradles have flexible necks to allow for easy repositioning of your player and can charge your iPod while you’re on the go. The dock also includes a line-out connection for use with car stereo inputs or, if your vehicle lacks such a connection, a cassette adapter can be used. The unit also boasts a Pro setting that Belkin claims optimizes audio and boosts volume.

The TuneBase features a new compact design, but the biggest advance over the previous model is the inclusion of new Clearscan technology which, with the push of a button, automatically seeks out the clearest FM frequency in the 88.1MHz to 107.9MHz range - an attribute that is sure to make the roads a little bit safer by cutting down on the number of distracted drivers attempting to tune their iPod to a clear FM channel.

The new Belkin TuneBase is set to be released in mid-October in North and Latin America, and late Fall in Europe, Asia and Australia retailing for US $89.99.

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