We first looked at Belkin’s Conserve Surge protector early last year. The company has just released a new version that includes a clever automatic timer to control power usage. The surge protector has eight outlets – two keep PCs and critical devices permanently on, while the other six outlets are automatically turned off after 11 hours. This allows you to power down non-essential office equipment at night and on weekends, which will save energy and money.

Even when office machines are in “standby” mode, they still use energy, making it difficult to determine whether it’s your monitor or speakers that are keeping the electricity meter clicking over. The Conserve Surge with Timer lets you keep vital equipment continually running while giving other, less important devices, an overnight rest.

To activate the devices in the “auto off” outlets, you simply press the on/off switch. If you happen to be pulling an all-nighter, the blinking LED light on the button will alert you that machines are about to be turned off. Then, if required, you simply turn them on again.

In a perfect world, every employee would turn off all non-essential office equipment before they went home. Consider the power savings for businesses if this device was used on all office workstations where most work is completed during a five-day week. Even if you work from home, this device could assist you to conserve energy and money and, at just USD$34.99, it might pay for itself before too long. See Belkin for more information.

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