Belkin's CushTop and PocketTop offer comfort when using your laptop anywhere

Belkin's CushTop and PocketTop offer comfort when using your laptop anywhere
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September 13, 2006 Using a laptop away from a desk can result in some pretty ugly scenes – there’s a reason you don’t see too many people curled up with a laptop. As usual, if there’s a company likely to apply a bit of lateral thought to improving the situation, it’s Belkin. The company’s new CushTop and PocketTop enable you to use your laptop comfortably while on your couch, bed or floor. The US$40 CushTop acts as a cushion, providing padded comfort between your laptop and your lap. The US$50 PocketTop acts as a case and mobile workstation, providing a built-in cooling pad and storage space for laptop accessories. Both will ship in North America in November, with launches in Asia, Europe and Australia to follow prior to Santa coming (apologies to all those who don’t believe in Santa).

A December 2005 laptop-user study conducted by Belkin found that 39 percent of laptop users rarely or never take their laptops out of the home. Additionally, the study showed that 43 percent of laptop owners keep their laptop in the family room, with half of these same owners moving their laptops to different areas of the home. With more and more laptops being used primarily in the home, home users need laptop tools that are specifically designed for use in their home, and not necessarily for the mobile road warrior.

Using a laptop computer on your lap can be uncomfortable due to bad wrist posture and hot laptop-bottom surfaces. The CushTop and PocketTop solve these problems, making it more convenient and comfortable to use your laptop anywhere in your home.


Made of high-quality, furniture-like upholstery, the CushTop provides increased padded comfort for laptop users. A convenient storage pocket keeps your power adapter and mouse tucked away. By flipping its platform over, the CushTop can accommodate small or large laptops. It is available in three contemporary colors: silver, orange and green.


The PocketTop is your laptop computer's new home base, doubling as a case and a workstation. Its simple form provides generous storage space for a mouse, power supply and other accessories, such as pens and notes. A convenient hatch gives you easy access to the storage area and doubles as a handle.

Ideal for use on your lap or desk, the PocketTop features a built-in cooling pad to keep the heat from penetrating through the bottom surface. With semi-rigid material, the PocketTop provides superior protection for your laptop, while leaving you with unrestricted access to your side ports. It is available in three stylish colors: silver, orange and green.

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1 comment
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Very good product and will be highly useful to Lap Top Users outdoors and while travelling.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India