April 26, 2009 The words “global economic downturn” are not are part of luxury phone maker Bellperre’s vocabulary, as evidenced by the release of its new high-end Nero Gold series. The Netherlands based company offers handcrafted tailor made handsets using “0% plastic”, and has now added even more precious metals and gemstones to the available mix.

The Nero Gold collection is available in six casings including silver, gold, and mixed metals. Add to this the option of choosing between alligator, shark, lizard or buffalo skin in over 100 colors and the potential customer has quite a decision on their hands.

Precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are also available to decorate these one-off creations. Coming soon is mirror-finished leather, snake leather, and even carbon fiber, a material which has recently been creating a buzz in the world of watches.

Tech wise, the phones offer what are fast becoming the standards of MP3, Bluetooth and camera/video functionality. The handsets run Windows Mobile and feature a 2” LCD screen with the scratch resistant sapphire crystal, but it's more about the bling than the specs. Definitely not one to leave in the back of a taxi.

Price wise, it looks to be one of those “if you have to ask you can’t afford it” scenarios.

Mick Webb

Via: Bellperre.

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