Hot on the heels of the delightfully overblown Bentayga Mulliner, Bentley has unveiled the limited-run Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner. Along with a silly name, the British limo has been treated to a bespoke cabin and interior finish inspired by precious metals. Yes, only the ultra-wealthy need apply here.

Like the Bentayga before it, the Mulsanne Hallmark has been treated to a bespoke exterior finish designed to communicate the extra luxury on offer compared to the more mundane members of the Bentley family. The retractable bonnet emblem is engraved on both sides, and can be had in a solid-silver finish or, if that's not exclusive enough, finished with gold plating. It's a lucky bug that ends up spattered on the nose of this Mulsanne, dying in a haze of gold-plated excess.

The exterior can be finished in single or two-tone paint depending on the owner's taste (or lack thereof), and all models are capped off with a hand-painted line applied along the flanks in gold or silver. Rolls-Royce has made an art of small details like this, so it's nice to see Bentley borrowing from the team in Goodwood. Capped off with unique 21-inch wheels, the design is sure to stand out in the country club carpark.

Two-tone luxury isn't only a theme outside – it carries over to the interior as well, where the front and rear seats are trimmed in contrasting leather, complete with metal-effect stitching. Unique leather in a metallic-looking silver or gold finish lines the inside of the door pockets, while quilted door panels and carefully color-matched wood trim complete the look.

Unique numbering plates and the (optional) cocktail cabinet round out an interior that, according to the team at Bentley, has been inspired by the tailoring on the best Savile Row suits.

Pricing details for the Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner haven't been announced, but don't expect it to be cheap. The regular Mulsanne starts at more than US$300,000 and given its exclusive trim options, this one is likely to be worth significantly more. It will, however, be on show at the Geneva Motor Show next week if you're in the area and simply must have a look.

Source: Bentley

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