Drone photography is still an incredibly new and emerging art form. Just a few short years ago it would have been nigh on impossible to capture some of the images that we now see on a regular basis. It's easy to become jaded by the onslaught of drone photographs out there but a number of artists are still pushing the envelope, experimenting and finding spectacular ways to exploit this nascent medium.

Urban drone photography, in particular, has been a fertile creative zone. Photographers have used drones to explore the often extravagant geometric patterns built into many urban structures from new angles.

Many of these top-down God's-eye snaps reveal secret designs that architects have embedded into their work, and good drone photography can often feel like one is uncovering a secret code hidden to earthbound eyes.

Some fascinating urban drone photography of recent times has reveled in the abstractions of modern cityscapes, turning streets and structures into ambiguous flat geometric lines, while other work takes advantage of the ease with which the technology allows sublime snaps to be captured at perfectly opportune moments.

In particular, a series of shots of Central Park in New York from photographer Bryan Dumas illustrates the shift in seasons across this iconic location using the same angle and perspective from winter to summer. The stunning duo of photographs beautifully encapsulates how this oasis in the center of the city transforms from a lush vibrant green garden into a snowy white landscape over a short seasonal shift.

This collection of photographs highlights the best urban and city drone photography of 2018 so far. Take a look through our gallery for a glimpse at some of the most spectacular snaps of the year.

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