Kickstarter – you ask for US$3,500 to launch a product, and you get US$19,584. Gotta love it. Walnut Studiolo, a small design studio in Portland, Oregon, was founded to create leather accessories for bicycles. This time, their Frame Handle makes a bicycle easier to carry up and down steps or over obstacles by providing a grip at the correct ergonomic angle above the bike's center of gravity. The result is you have a comfortable grip for lifting with your whole body, just like a suitcase. Your comfort while carrying is enhanced, and you have more control over your bicycle in close quarters.

The Frame Handle is simply a leather strap for a handle, with a pair of adjustable buckles that wrap around the down tube and the seat tube. The handle length is wide enough for any hand, and can be attached without interfering with the derailleur or an aftermarket water bottle holder. Retail price is set at $35 plus shipping – a bit pricey for a leather strap, but it should last through a number of bikes. And its made in the USA!

Below id the team's video pitch for Kickstarter.

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