Once a car is relegated to the junkyard, its usefulness as a vehicle generally comes to a close. However, Spanish design firm Lola Madrid has created a new project dubbed “Bicycled,” which transforms unwanted scrap cars into bespoke, handmade bicycles.

As highlighted in the promo video below, the frame is sourced from various car parts. A transmission belt serves as a chain, for example, and a vehicle indicator light is repurposed as a safety reflector. In addition, car upholstery is utilized to create a bike seat.

Being environmentally responsible is clearly a major concern of the Bicycled team and the metamorphosis of a former gas-guzzling vehicle into an emission-free mode of transport is a concept which can be appreciated on several levels. The project also sits well with like-minded ventures that seek to re-use materials otherwise destined for a landfill, such as Short Circuit.

Gizmag reached out to Lola Madrid for a chat about future plans for Bicycled, and we were informed that the first prototype has now been completed and is currently being refined. The final specifications and measurements of the bikes are yet to be revealed, though since Bicycled is made from scrap car parts, no two models will be identical.

There’s no word yet as to availability or price, but the company did report that it’s considering ways to step up production in order to meet demand.

Source: Bicycled via Inhabitat

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