Livall is back, with a new-and-improved smart bike helmet

Livall is back, with a new-and...
The Livall EVO21 is presently on Indiegogo
The Livall EVO21 is presently on Indiegogo
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Like most bike helmets, the EVO21 features a polycarbonate shell and an EPS foam liner
Like most bike helmets, the EVO21 features a polycarbonate shell and an EPS foam liner
The Livall EVO21 is presently on Indiegogo
The Livall EVO21 is presently on Indiegogo

Six years ago, Chinese manufacturer Livall debuted one of the first "smart" bicycle helmets. Well, the company is still at it, with a lighter, sleeker new model that's currently on Indiegogo.

Known as the EVO21, the helmet sports pretty much all the standard bells and whistles featured in similar models.

These include front and rear/side LED lighting strips (colored white and red, respectively) that can be set to different intensities and flashing modes; turn indicators that are wirelessly activated by a handlebar-mounted remote; a flashing brake light that's automatically activated by an integrated accelerometer; and an alert system that sends an SOS text message to an emergency contact if a fall is detected (riders have 90 seconds in which to cancel that text before it's sent).

One of the EVO21's more unique features, however, is its ability to turn itself on and off. After initially being powered up at the start of a ride, it can be set to subsequently shut the LEDs off whenever conditions are bright enough that no lighting is necessary, but then turn them back on again in dim conditions. Likewise, it will also automatically turn the LEDs off when the rider removes the helmet from their head, then power them back up when the user puts the helmet back on.

Another thing that sets the EVO21 apart is the ability to set its headlight LED strip to flash in colors other than just white, potentially making it more eye-catching to motorists. The helmet is additionally lighter than Livall's previous model, reportedly tipping the scales at 350 g (12 oz).

Like most bike helmets, the EVO21 features a polycarbonate shell and an EPS foam liner
Like most bike helmets, the EVO21 features a polycarbonate shell and an EPS foam liner

One 3-hour charge of its lithium-ion battery is claimed to be good for about 10 hours of use. And all of the electronics are IPX5 water resistant, meaning they can withstand a sustained, low-pressure spray.

Assuming the current crowdfunding campaign is successful, a pledge of US$79 will get you a Livall EVO21 of your own – the planned retail price is $129. The helmet's features are demonstrated in the following video.

Source: Indiegogo

LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet for Bike or E-Bike Riders, Cyclists, and E-scooter Riders

Very cool, but I wish they included bluetooth intercom and phone connectivity like the Sena...
There is a lot of potential here. I would love to be able to talk to my family as we ride.

They need to fix airflow. Traditional helmets are shaped to pull air through the helmet and across your head as you move forward. It is often cooler to have your helmet on than not. Just having simple vents will mean this is a very hot helmet in the summer.
??? They overlooked a super-safety technical option for this LED-illuminated at night bicycle helmet. Add a 'Unicorn Light Horn' to the very top of it, a bright light, possibly one that strobes, or has many different colors, that is focused through a magnifying glass lens, to make a tapering-to-an-intense-point, 'Unicorn Horn' atop this helmet, that extends a few years or so vertically up. Why bother? Although this helmet safety lighting is quite adequate for most rides, the driver's view from the very high cab of big semi-trailer trucks, often means that the truck driver cannot SEE the bike rider, even with such lower-level LED lights, but, if he sees that concentrated, super-bright tip of this thing, up at his eye level, he would know a bike rider is there, and not run him over, which is a sadly-recurring thing with bikers and these huge trucks!
Just got a $7 helmet from Ali: it's dumb, but it needs no charging. Coupled with a $3 safety vest it does a good job.