After two straight years of iPhones with 4-inch screens, most people expect Apple's 2014 model to give us a bigger display. According to a new report, the company is set to do just that – with both a larger iPhone 6 and an iPhone phablet in the works.

The scoop comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says Apple is eyeing a new iPhone with a screen measuring 4.5-in or larger. It also mentions that the company is developing a second version with a screen that's either 5-in or larger. It describes the smaller one as being further along in development, while the bigger phablet is "still in preliminary development," according to the infamous "people familiar with the situation."

Another interesting tidbit: the sources say that both models are going to have metallic casings, similar to what we've seen from the iPhones 5 and 5s. It also adds that Apple is going to scrap the alternative plastic body model from the iPhone 5c after just one year. With 5c sales rumored to be underwhelming, that bit shouldn't come as too big of a surprise – though it would mark a quick admission of failure on Apple's part.

While fueling those rumors, the report also claims to put another rumor to rest. It says that the next iPhone won't feature a curved display, a feature that Samsung and LG both appear to be eyeing for their future flagships. Bloomberg had reported back in November that Apple was looking into curved displays for future iPhones.

All of this is hinging on one report, so take it for what you will. Apple rumors often fly every which way, many ultimately amounting to nothing, but those from the WSJ tend to be worth paying attention to. If this scoop is legit, then Samsung's Galaxy phones may have some stiffer competition later this year.