Bioscrypt unveils new VisionAccess face reader

Bioscrypt unveils new VisionAc...
VisionAccess 3D face reader
VisionAccess 3D face reader
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VisionAccess 3D face reader
VisionAccess 3D face reader

May 19, 2008 Bioscrypt, a division of L-1 Identity Solutions has launched the next generation VisionAccess 3D face reader. Using the entire facial surface structure of a person’s face, the reader can authenticate users in less than one second, even in complete darkness.

Designed for use at secure facilities, the new VisionAccess 3D face reader can store up to 60,000 faces in its database, is Ethernet-ready for network connectivity and is simple to install. It uses a real-time 3D surface scanner to read the entire facial surface structure of a person’s face, in invisible near-infrared light. The user simply has to glance at the console at a distance of between three to six feet. The system can also be used in conjunction with proximity cards, smart cards and tokens for multi-factor authentication.

“Bioscrypt’s next generation VisionAccess 3D face reader has been developed to provide our enterprise customers with the most robust combination of speed, convenience and security in facial recognition that can meet the most demanding physical access control requirements,” said Robert M. Douglas, Bioscrypt’s CEO and President. “This is especially important for organizations with high traffic volumes and large workforces that need to securely authenticate hundreds or thousands of employees as they enter the workplace.”

The Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D will be available in the third quarter of 2008.

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